Our stables have many different group facilities (12 group facility stables). In this way we can put together smaller groups according age and gender. In winter time the horses go out every day into the sand paddocks. Movement and fresh air is important for the development of the youngsters. Next to that we take care of the precise deworming and blacksmith. Foals and yearlings will get extra protein food.

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We have 40 acres of grassland available for the development of young horses (0-3 years old). All horses will be in the grassland approximately from may until october / november (depends on the weather). We do daily checkups whether everything is allright. Our groups are divided into same age and gender. For the stallion inspection there is a special group that comes in at the beginning of August so that the training for those horses can begin.

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Next to the grassing of young horses we use the 40 acres for haying. Young horses will get the silage which is richer and has more proteins and minerals then the hay we give to our sport horses. We believe it is very important to have our own foodwinning, in that case you know what the horses get and you can make adjustments where necessary. We run quality tests on a yearly base.

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Many of our clients have their young horses in under our management together with their breeding mares. The management of the breeding is easier from Holland than from another part of the world. We have the best seemen available from the KWPN or German / Belgium and French studbooks. We will take care of the whole breeding process, starting with ordering the seemen, insemination, scanning, birth of the foal, and upgrowing of the foal.

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